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Rave Reviews

"You come for a butt kicking workout, and you leave with a kicking butt!" The classes are always challenging and the instructors are very willing to assist and answer any questions. The studio is gorgeous and immaculate. Simply is well worth the price of admission!-
Dana T.
Doing Private Pilates Sessions with Cathy S. is better than physical therapy! I no longer walk with a limp!
Julia D.
I have been going to Barre Fusion for years. The instructors are great. It is very well run, clean, and the classes are excellent! I highly recommend Barre Fusion!
Carolyn R.
I highly recommend Barre Fusion. The studio environment is clean, welcoming and very friendly. I do not take group classes due to a couple of injuries I have, I take private lessons with Cathy Smith. She is excellent and has an amazing understanding of the body. She helps me with proper form to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly and targeting the right muscle groups while avoiding further injury. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who is looking to start a new fitness journey or continue one. You will get a great workout from any of the instructors. You won't be disappointed.
Diane Gamin
I love Barre Fusion!!! The instructors are so positive, upbeat and helpful. All levels are welcome. The atmosphere is fun. The music is playing and the class just flies by. Thank you to all of you at Barre Fusion for doing what you do….and truly caring about each client. I know you’ve changed my life for the better.
Cindy S.
Lisa gives a KICK butt total body workout! I have never been to Pilates or barre before and am a newbie - but coming from a CrossFit background, I am very pleasantly surprised how amazing I feel from these workouts! Her new facility is inviting, friendly, spotless, and FUN! She is also knowledgeable about how nutrition helps support the body in transformation and offers solutions in this area as well! LOVE this place!
Danielle Russo-Slugh
I’ve been doing Pilates for more than 30 years, working out at a variety of Pilates studios. Since 2019, I’ve been taking private lessons and participating in group classes at Barre Fusion. I've found the instructors to be extremely well qualified and a pleasure to work with. In addition to improving my strength, flexibility, and balance, I credit my Pilates work with materially assisting in my recovery from a 2020 knee injury. In sum, I unqualifiedly recommend Barre Fusion.”
Carole A. Burns