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Class Descriptions

Our group classes are expertly designed to transform your physique through a fusion of unique resistance and cardio exercises, as well as flexibility training. These high-energy workouts will make you feel stronger, fitter, and leaner, creating a tighter, more shapely body.

Pilates Basics

This class is an introduction to the core movement principles of Pilates and essential reformer exercises. Learn the fundamentals in this slow-flowing tempo class while improving muscle control, balance and stability.

Pilates Stretch

A perfect blend of reformer exercises infused with active and static stretches to increase range of motion, lengthen muscles and improve flexibility. You will move better and feel better after this class!

Pilates Barre

A beautiful pairing of classical Pilates reformer exercises fused with body toning, graceful, ballet barre positions. You will burn the muscles over time to increase endurance.

Active Teen Pilates

This is a functional movement Pilates reformer class designed for teens. Exercises will focus on improving general strength, flexibility, balance, focus, breathwork, friendship and fun! No experience is necessary. Ages 13-17.

Pilates for Men

It’s not just for the ladies! This class highlights the common areas men need to target in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment. The focus is on form first, next the deep stabilization muscles will be activated prior to movement resulting in strong, functional patterns of movement to improve performance and prevent injury.

Pilates Sculpt

This fabulous, creatively styled functional fitness class combines a steady flow of Pilates reformer exercises alternating with a variety of toning and sculpting movements. Intensely targets the arms, abs, legs and butt to get the lifting job done in this hour of fun!

Level 1

This beginner class is focused on proper form, technique and positioning. Set to a steady tempo, this class is designed for those who have some introductory experience with Pilates but are looking to refine their skills and strengthen muscles efficiently.

Level 1.5

This class is a step up from Level 1 and is for those looking for an intermediate intensity level. Your core, strength and stamina will be challenged with more complex exercises set to a moderate pace. Prior Pilates experience is a must!

Level 2

This class is a perfect combination of athletic conditioning and classical Pilates exercises. Set to a faster-paced flow, these diversely intense exercises are designed to elongate the muscles, while sculpting and toning the entire body. This class is an advanced level class.

Level 2.5

Get your pump on in this dynamically intense class designed to challenge even the most experienced Pilates enthusiast! Every muscle in your body will be quivering as you are pushed to the limit in a powerfully, creative way! Be prepared for body changing results because these class instructors deliver! This class is an extremely advanced level.

Pilates Balance

Get grounded as you work on strength, function and gain more balance on both sides of the body. Test your proprioception and develop more muscle control.

Pilates Cardio Pump

A fun cardio workout class that includes the Pilates Jump Board. The heart rate will rise, abs and fast twitch muscle fibers in the legs will fire causing you to burn more calories, build speed and power while increasing circulation of blood and oxygen. Not to mention the upper body will also be challenged for a full-body workout!

*Safety is First*

It is always recommended to check with your physician first before starting a new or different exercise program, especially if you’ve been sedentary or are overcoming an injury.